BMC/CCN Scanner Switch & Marker History

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BMC/CCN Scanner Switch

First CCN scan: 1/24/2011
Last BMC scan: 1/31/2011

All scans Feb 2011 on were done at CCN.

Marker History

Vitamin E Capsules are taped to the headset to ensure that right orientation of images once changed from dicom to nifti format. There were, however, several Resonance Tech Installations at CCN, and in doing so, the vitamin E capsules was mistakenly placed on the right side during one of the headset installations. This timeline can help clarify the changes in marker location.

<---6/12/11, Old Res Tech Headset: Marker on the Left side
6/13-6/23, New Headset A: Marker on the Right side
6/23 --->: New Headset B: Marker on the Left side

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