BART behavioral variables

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1. Total number of control trials
2. Total number of control trials with explosions (internal check; should always be 0)
3. Number of pumps on control trials
4. Mean number of pumps in control sets
5. Total number of controls balloons
6. Mean RT on control trials
7. RT SD on control trials
8. Total number of test trials
9. Total number of test sets without explosions
10. Number of pumps on test trials without explosions
11. Mean number of pumps in test sets without explosions
12. Total number of test sets with explosions
13. Number of pumps on test trials with explosions
14. Mean number of pumps in test sets with explosions
15. Total number of Accept balloons
16. Mean RT for Accept balloons
17. RT SD for Accept balloons
18. Mean total points for Accept balloons
19. Total number of Reject balloons
20. Mean RT for Reject balloons
21. RT SD for Reject balloons
22. Mean total points for Reject balloons
23. Total number of Explode balloons
24. Mean total points for Explode balloons
25. Total number of trials completed
26. Total number of balloons
27. Total number of pumps
28. Mean number of pumps
29. Total amount earned*
30. Total Coefficient of Variance (all trials)
31. Press Coefficient of Variance (all test trials)
32. Total Adjusted Pumps
33. Mean Adjusted Pumps* (mean number of pumps on test balloons (not control trials) that did not explode)
34. Adjusted Pumps Coefficient of Variance* (CofV on test trials that did not explode)
35. Pumps (total number of pumps on all test trials) 36. Pump Coefficient of Variance (CofV on on all test trials, including those that did and did not explode)

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