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Cognitive Atlas Demo

In support of our application, we have begun to develop our cognitive atlas. Here we show papers related to the heritability of the construct cognitive control.

<imagemap> Image:CCnewer.jpg | center | 600px | Click-able Image Map poly 131 45 213 41 210 110 127 109 Display rect 250 175 400 250 Domain circle 57 57 20 Foo type B desc bottom-left </imagemap>

For an example of a multi-record output, click here

For the final Browse All Records entry, click BrowseAllRecords

For an example of an effect, click visit our single-output page

Heres a draft of a pmid page

sample page: PMID15930384 Sample1

working on a domain page and a task page

Otherwise, you may use the search field, in the left hand column, to search through our current entries.

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