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BIOPAC MP150 Module, Pulse Oximeter and OXY100C, Respiration belt/amplifier and RSP100C

Channel Setup and Specifications
1 msec/sample

5 channels (see channel setup below):
O2 saturation/volts
Rate BPM/volts

Software and Files

Latest update
BMC - Acqknowledge 3.9.1 for Mac
CCN - Acqknowledge 4.1 for PC

To open graph on Acqknowledge: Take note of format differences between the two versions. Acqknowledge 3.0 saves files in a .graph format while Acq 4.0 saves in an .acq format. Both can be opened in Acqknowledge 4.0, but you must specify to open BMC files in Acqknowledge 3 format.

It will have the individual waves organized in the same manner it is set up in the channel diagram below.

Reading Text Files All Files are also saved in .txt format for use in other programs (i.e. Matlab, etc). Each text file is without a header (for easier upload).
Columns correspond to these values:

Column 1 - Time(min)
Column 2 - Channel 1
Column 3 - Channel 2
Column 4 - Channel 5
Column 5 - Channel 9
Column 6 - Channel 13

CCN template



Resting Acquisition


BHT Acquisition

Acquisition bht.jpg

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