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BIOPAC MP150 Module, Pulse Oximeter and OXY100C, Respiration belt/amplifier and RSP100C


Latest update
BMC - Acqknowledge 3.9.1 for Mac
CCN - Acqknowledge 4.1 for PC

Take note of format differences between the two versions. Acqknowledge 3.0 saves files in a .graph format while Acq 4.0 saves in an .acq format. Both can be opened in Acqknowledge 4.0, but you must specify to open BMC files in Acqknowledge 3 format.

All Files are also saved in .txt format for use in other programs (i.e. Matlab, etc)

CCN template



Resting Acquisition


BHT Acquisition

Acquisition bht.jpg

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