LA5C CCN Re-Scans

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Due to noise caused by the Resonance tech system headphones and goggles, artifacts have appeared in several scans collected from CCN. Functional scans with the artifact were flagged for elimination and were not rescanned (due to prior exposure to task.)

Rescanned MPRAGEs:
Original scan date: 3/14/11 MPRAGE scan date: 7/30/11

Original scan date: 6/20/11 MPRAGE scan date: 7/26/11

For these subjects, all first levels were assessed using the MPRAGE rescan.

Excluded Due to Artifact
Subjects with MPRAGE artifacts that were not rescanned (no response)

Subjects with functional artifacts
CNP_50050 - Stopsignal, Resting
CNP_50056 - Taskswitch, Resting
CNP_60065 - Taskswitch, PAMret, BART
CNP_70061 - BART
CNP_70068 - PAMenc
CNP_70070 - PAMret

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