LA3C ID Switches

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There are several instances of patients that were reassigned a new PTID. Circumstances for this include a reclassification after further evaluation of the patients' clinical assessments, as well as a long absence and decision to reconsent rather than keep previous data from the previous sessions.

It was more common that the change in PTID was done prior to the fMRI scans that are performed in the PTs last two session. All Patients with PTIDs switched prior to the fMRI scans are listed below:

PTID prescanfull.png

All IDs that were changed post-scan are listed below. IMPORTANT: Since these IDs were changed after completing the scans, the imaging data are labeled under their original PTID. Their ID#2 is their final ID, and all information in the CNP database can be found under ID#2, but you must use ID#1 to acquire the imaging data.

PTID postscan.png

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