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  1. Search existing records
  2. Input a new record
  3. More detailed Field Descriptions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is a Phenowiki?!
  2. How do I use it?
  3. How do I add my favorite task/concept/indicator?
  4. What are 'CNP levels'?

Frequently Asked Questions:

   1. What is a Phenowiki?

As we mention in our mission statement, our goal is to provide an online resource for phenotype annotation and selection. Researchers may use this resource in order to examine and choose the most appropriate phenotypes for their own experiments. Through a collaborative effort, new phenotypes may be added to our database for use by all.

Our vision is that this resource may one day serve to perform meta-analyses of phenotypic data online from a broading range of well-annotated papers that include effect size data.

   2. How do I use it?

Start off on our search page, which will query the pubmed database and retrieve records. From here you will have several options. For a detailed step-by-step instructions, please see these links for search and input. For more detailed descriptions of our fields, see this link: Field Descriptions.

   3. How do I my favorite task/concept/indicator?

Wiki-pages are automatically created for any task or concept in our database. So add a heritability, psychometric, or correlation (effect-size) result from a published article on your favorite task or concept to the phenowiki database and a wiki-page will automatically be generated. Then you can add to the wiki-page as you see fit!

   4. What are CNP levels

This refers to the 'Consortium for Neuropsychiatric Phenomics' levels of scientific inquiry. Seven simplified levels at which to study neuropsychiatric disorders. While they may not encompass all levels and/or have finer gradation, they represent a starting framework used by the CNP...

   5. More to follow...