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CNP Query Policy

The following criteria are designed to facilitate (and increase transparency of) the data request process for CNP datasets as well as assure that the nature of these requests is sufficiently detailed to enable evaluation of the need by the CNP Executive Operations Team (EOT) and further to enable assessment of the burden it may place on faculty and staff to fulfill the request. Incomplete requests will be returned for further clarification. These criteria are to be applied to all requests from all sources (internal and external). By submitting a query, you agree to the following:

  • Any data requests require a minimum of 10 business days from the date they are submitted. We will commit to filling the request within that amount of time, but cannot guarantee it any sooner. All investigators requesting data must plan ahead accordingly.
  • Requests must include specific details as to exactly what files are being requested (ie 'functional imaging data' or 'scap data' is insufficiently detailed). The CNP EOT may determine whether there are limits on which files are available. Only the exact files explicitly requested will be delivered.
    • Please be sure to provide all details below or your request may returned for further clarification.
  • Neuroimaging requests are first subject to a feasibility review by faculty coordinators, based on technical and sample based criteria.
    • If it appears that there are markedly fewer subjects or less available data than requested for the proposed analysis, or if the data available are different than what has been requested, this feedback will be supplied to the CNP EOT prior to their decision to fill the request.
  • Requests for data not currently in the data dictionary (e.g. SCID module ratings, raw fMRI images) should be discussed with a member of the CNP EOT before query submission.
  • Requests will include whether IRB/HIPAA regulations require any additional subject protection measures (i.e. redaction of the CNP subject ID) as well as an assurance that the CNP will not be violating IRB/HIPAA regulations by providing the data in the manner requested. The role of determining whether or not each investigator's specific project meets regulations is the responsibility of the requesting investigator. If your IRB approval notices and other relevant documents are not already on file these will need to be provided.
  • Analysis scripts will be supplied by you, the investigator, documenting the analysis, results, and the ultimate outcome of the data for each data request. If an investigator has not supplied this information for their last data set, new requests may not be processed.

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